What to look for in raw brands?

Bone meal and minced remnants from your butcher do not constitute a balanced diet and usually contain high levels of fat.

Balanced Nutrition

When feeding raw, variety is key and balanced nutrition is attained over time.

Does the brand you’re looking at offer different variants?

Quality Meat

Where does the company you’re looking at source their meat from?

Do they follow ethical practices?

Product Ingredients

Is the manufacturer transparent about product ingredients?

Do they provide the ingredient ratios?

No fillers or low-quality grains

Preferably no grains – if grains are included check percentage.

Whole grains such as barley and rice are preferable, avoid wheat and corn.

Moderate Fat

Looking at a chicken variant, for example, what part of the chicken is included?

Or is the meal filled with chicken skins and fat?


What percentage of vegetables are included?

What kind of vegetables are included?

How are the vegetables prepared?

Best of all would be fermented


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