Raw Love Pets ahead of the Recycling Pack

Did you know that by next year April 2021, all manufacturers, importers, and any brand owner will by law (!) be required to take responsibility for and ensure that much of their product’s packaging is returned (and recycled) after being used and sold?

These new regulations gazetted for plastic retailers will ensure full responsibility is taken for their consumed products and the impact they have on the environment – fantastic news for Mother Earth!

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) expressed its support for the new regulations by the Department of the Environment, Forestry and Fisheries and will be assisting South Africa to achieve what some might see as ‘extremely radical’ waste management goals.

WWF Circular Plastics project manager Lorren de Kock said: “Retailers and brand owners are the largest consumers of plastic packaging in the fast-moving consumer goods sector. Once the consumer has used the product the packaging is discarded.” (Never been the case if you support us).

“This means they (the brands) will be responsible for collecting; reusing, recycling, and disposing of packaging products in a sustainable manner.” (something we have always done at Raw Love Pets).

Raw Love Pets supports and welcomes these newly gazetted laws. We have always deeply cared for the environment, which is why we opted to go for packaging which could be reused and recycled right from the start! We chose not to go with cheaper plastic bags which would eventually have ended up discarded in a landfill site.

We take pleasure in knowing that our customers share the same concerns for the environment, and we know it has always been an important factor when choosing to support us.

So dear friends, if we deliver to you, please continue to keep your empty tubs & lids and we’ll continue to take them off your hands when we see you next, and should you be buying from an outlet, there will always be a recycle bin supplied.

PS: Our labels have been specifically designed to withstand multiple washes -when we receive used tubs and lids, we scrutinise and discard any super damaged labels, tubs, and lids. We do not reuse any tubs or lids that are perforated or unable to seal seamlessly. The rest are sterilised in hot water using cleaning solutions specifically formulated for the human food industry and soaked in a food grade H2O2 solution before air drying.

Thanks for keeping it green with us!

With Love,

The Raw Love Team

Sources: IOL News, Business Insider

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