What are the main differences between raw food and pellets or kibble?

Raw food is real food, created by Mother Nature. It is “alive’ and bursting with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals required by the body to work efficiently and properly. A raw food diet contains a wide variety of proteins, seasonal vegetables and fruits and no grains, harmful preservatives, or artificial flavourants and colourants. Raw food also contains a lot of moisture or water that is essential for the body to break down waste and it therefore supports the functions of the liver and kidneys.

Kibble or pellets is processed food, often using low quality and inappropriate ingredients. It is produced by removing moisture from raw material, mostly grains such as maize, at a very high heat. The heat also destroys all available nutrients and healthy enzymes that aid digestion. Flavourants, colourants and preservatives, together with a large amount of fat (for palatability) and chemical nutrients are then added.