What are the benefits of fermented veg for dog food?

Physiologically speaking, dogs have short GI tracts (to prevent the settlement of unfriendly bacteria in the gut), with food passing through their systems quickly. Fermented vegetable matter makes nutrients more bio-available, meaning it can be absorbed quickly and efficiently.

Fermented vegetable matter provides millions of beneficial microbes (probiotics) that help balance gut bacteria, boosting overall immunity.

Fermented vegetable matter acts as a potent detoxifier, helping rid your pet’s body of a wide variety of toxins including heavy metals. It produces vitamin C, the B vitamins, vitamin K2 and enzymes that all support healthy metabolic activity. It contains choline that balances and nourishes the blood. And the lactic acid produced by fermentation is a chemical repressor that fights cancer cells without harming healthy cells.

Fermented veg also acts as an extremely effective safety agent, as the probiotics attack unwanted pathogens, prohibiting them from growing to infectious levels. Adding fermented veg therefore, is like inoculating the food against harmful bacteria. No chemicals, no preservatives, only beneficial bacteria.

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