What about hygiene and refunds for recycled tubs & lids?


Because we deeply care about the environment, we opted to go for packaging which could be re-used and recycled, rather than cheaper plastic bags which is very likely to end up discarded in a landfill site.

We believe people who buy Raw Love pet food share the same concerns and have therefore priced our products on the assumption that we will be receiving tubs back to re-use. This means when you buy Raw Love, only a percentage of the packaging cost has been included in the price. Thus all our clients are given a ‘recycle discount’ in good faith.

If we deliver to you, it’s easy for us to collect the empty tubs & lids when we deliver your next order. Should you be buying from an outlet, you may return it to them when you make your next purchase. And we collect from them when we make our next delivery.


When we receive used tubs and lids, we scrutinise and discard any damaged labels, tubs and lids. We do not re-use any tubs or lids that are perforated or unable to seal seamlessly. The rest are scrubbed in hot water using cleaning solutions specifically formulated for the human food industry, and soaked in a food grade H2O2 solution before air drying.

If you receive a tub with a ‘broken’ seal, you will know that you have done your bit to help save the environment!