Werner from Constantia

We have started Phuket our male Husky on Raw Love ostrich a few days ago and he is loving it ! He had minor diarrhea at first but it cleared up after a few brown rice portions added, as suggested by you.

We have also started Lylie our diabetic Husky on the same food. She is on her 3rd serving tonight and doing much better than expected. We have detoxed her with bentonite clay the last few days and started to introduce cooked ostritch & raw Kale as exclusion protocol to check for food allergies. All went well and we did the switch over to Raw Love yesterday.

Her stools size is minor and she is still quite constipated, hopefully this should improve shortly. At least no sign of diarrhea a yet!

As a major plus her blood sugar numbers improved dramatically and we have lowered her insulin dose accordingly. We previously had her on Hill’s ID Gastro cans for a few weeks together with 4 courses of antibiotics to clear up frequent diarrhea. She was in quite bad shape since the Hill’s hiked up her sugar way too high and we had to give large doses of insulin for her to cope. She also developed allergies due to the high carb low 4D protein source.

It is still early days but she is doing very well on the new Raw Love diet. Will keep you posted!

February 2016