Spud from Pit Pals

Spud dog

Spud February 2019

Spud came to us about a year ago after having been removed from an unfortunate situation. He was in a terrible state, unkempt, emaciated and covered in mange. This is him (below) two days later after a good clean up. The picture does not really show the true state he was in.

We were thrilled to watch him gain weight and confidence. Until a new problem emerged. Spud started developing a rash, which would then blister. The irritation caused him to scratch until he bled, and ulcers started forming.

The vet did a skin scrape which came back negative. We also did a skin biopsy, but the findings were inconclusive. His skin condition was ultimately ascribed to an allergy, origin of which could not be confirmed. Food? Environment? At that stage things were so bad that Spud was prescribed 6 cortisone tablets a day, along with Rimadyl for the pain. While this did help his skin condition, Spud gained a lot of weight, and I mean a lot! Look at the size of him below!

When we told Raw Love Pets about his plight, they donated food for a month to start. As soon as he was on the food, we started weaning him off the cortisone tablets. I was thrilled to see that in less than a month, he was looking great – no skin issues and he had definitely trimmed down, not appearing as bloated as before. We were able to get him down to 1 cortisone tablet a day, without any skin flare ups.

Raw Love Pets have continued to donate his food on a monthly basis and we are now in the process of introducing cortisone free days. Prior to being fed Raw Love meals, anything less than 6 tablets a day caused his skin to flare up immediately.

Spud is also definitely more active, and he has a decided twinkle in his eye. He is our official meet- and-greeter at the kennels, roaming around saying hello to everyone who visits. His zest for life has come back!


Thank you Raw Love Pets for helping make a huge difference in Spud’s life!

Robyn Bronkhorst

Director Pit Pals

Cape Town

February 2019