Should I add any supplements to the food?

There are two important nutritional components to include when feeding a raw diet to ensure optimum health and balanced nutrition for kittens and adult cats, puppies and adult dogs alike.

  1. It is important to add an Omega 3 component as this is not typically part of a raw diet. We do state this clearly on our tub labels. Dogs and cats cannot produce Omega 3 on their own, it can only come from the food you feed them. We recommend feeding fish twice a week or more – fresh if you can get, tinned if necessary. Fish provides the most easily absorbable form of Omega 3 for dogs and cats.
  2. In addition, we recommend feeding raw, meaty bones at least once a week. Never cooked bones. Our dog & cat Chicken meals already contain minced bone, but both puppies and adult dogs will benefit from having a bone to chew on.
  3. For cats and kittens, this could be chicken, duck or turkey necks or wings.

Important safety notice: Bones can be dangerous if we don’t understand the different types of bones and what could be potentially dangerous. We highly recommend you read the blog/articles below that you may understand important safety protocols.

  • Blog on our website regarding the safety of bones for domestic animals.
  • Article by Jodie Gruenstern, DVM, CVA, published on the Innovative Veterinary Care website.
  • Article by Dana Scott from Dogs Naturally Magazine