Ross from Cape Town CBD



We got Hughey (AKA Lake Jipman / Yung Chorro / Bruh Hugh) when he was a very sick little pup, he was left with a very weak immune system and poor tooth development. We struggled to get him to eat pellets, and tinned food seemed like just a preservative-filled option. I have to mention the hefty 12k spent on vet bills over the course of his still very young life!

We started a trial with Raw Love Pets 6 weeks ago which meant Hughey would be changing his diet to completely raw and biologically appropriate meals prepared by Raw Love, which come in these awesome convenient recycled plastic tubs. The difference in his condition was almost instant! He is blooming into an energetic and healthy dog, we don’t struggle with leaky eyes and ears any more, his scent is way more neutral, his stools hardly have any stench and because we live in an apartment the lack of doggy smells on our outside plants has been refreshing!

Before Raw Love he would nibble on a few pellets throughout the day, now he gulps his beef and chicken dinners in one breath! His coat is shiny and healthy, whereas before he suffered from hot spots and itchy skin. Hughey has more energy and confidence than before, and the biggest plus is that his teeth are getting stronger every day, his molars have begun to develop which our vet told us there’s a chance that might never happen!

November 2015