Rene from Gauteng


I just want to tell you that Kiki is OBSESSED with Raw Love!

She was on a mix of soft food, kibble and rice when I collected her on Friday and added a teaspoon of the ostrich meal to her bowl. She first ate the ostrich and then ate the rest. Saturday evening, she refused to eat the rice or kibble and would ONLY eat her ostrich meal 🙂

She is now on 100% ostrich, rationed over 3 meals and she has more energy and is more playful than ever – my boyfriend and I are exhausted LOL!! She RUNS as fast as she can as soon as she hears ‘foodies!’ and not a thing is left over.

I must be honest, when I first heard about raw feeding, I was very sceptical. But when doing my research on the benefits of raw and in particular, the articles on the Raw Love site, I was sure that feeding raw was the way to go.

After seeing how much she loves Raw Love and the increase in her energy in just days, I (and Kiki!) am officially a brand advocate for Raw Love. What an INCREDIBLE product! I just love everyone that I’ve dealt with – as I’ve said before, you rarely find people who are this passionate about their company (and pets!) as the Raw Love team are and you can all be very proud of your products.

As soon as my freezer allows for more space, I’ll be stocking up – there is no way Kiki will ever have anything else!

I’d be delighted if you’d publish my testimonial – It takes a lot for me to be impressed and Raw Love ticks every box!

July 2016