Product Ingredients


  • 70% free-range, raw meat and <10% bone crunch
  • Fermented vegetables and fruit (including blueberries)
  • Organic sprouts, kelp, diatomaceous earth, taurine, apple cider vinegar, moringa, rooibos
  • 0% grains
  • The beef & potluck variants do not contain bone crunch


  • 100% free-range, raw meat
  • Kefir, kelp, diatomaceous earth, taurine, apple cider vinegar
  • 0% grains
  • 0% vegetables & fruit
  • The chicken variant contains raw minced bones


We only use free range meat from reputable and registered sources, certified fit for human consumption. We do not use pet grade products. Our vegetables, fruit and supplements too come from the same shops where we buy supplies for ourselves – including health shops and organic outlets.

For the Chicken meals, we include fillet & thigh trimmings, meaty carcasses, wings, necks, liver & feet. The meat portion of our Beef, Ostrich & Venison meals include fillet trimmings, organ & muscle meat, and bone crunch* (maximum 10%). Our Potluck meals contain chicken wings & feet, beef fillet trimmings, ostrich organ and venison muscle meat.

* No bone crunch in the Ostrich Cat meals, nor the Potluck & Beef Dog meals.

We do not include any grains!

Vegetables News Flash!

The vegetable matter dogs naturally ingest are pre-digested by their prey. With short GI tracts (to prevent unfriendly bacteria settlement), food passes through their systems quickly. Fermented vegetable matter makes the nutrients inside the food more bio-available and allows for truly optimum nutrient absorption. We therefore ferment the freshly chopped vegetables & fruit before adding this to the Raw Love meals.

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We are also careful about the vegetables and fruit we include in our meals – favouring green leafy vegetables rather than sugary, carbohydrate rich options.

Cat Meals News Flash!

We only produce 100% meat Cat Meals – no veg, no fruit no grains. We have also add probiotic-rich kefir to our cat meals, to achieve the same balanced micro environment that the introduction of fermented veg brings to our dog meals.


Our ingredients – in the correct ratios – provide protein, fat, undamaged amino acids, antioxidants, plant based carbohydrates (not starch), fibre, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, phytonutrients, trace elements, antioxidants and living enzymes – all promoting peak health in dogs and cats.


Eating enough protein is essential to maintain a healthy body. It repairs body tissue, helps to fight off illness and disease and keeps the immune system functioning properly. Protein is converted by the body into amino acids which are necessary for building muscle and keeping blood healthy.


Grains are an unnecessary food group for dogs and especially cats, who are obligatory carnivores. Plant based carbohydrates provide energy and benefits muscle tissue.  Starch based carbohydrates, on the other hand, ultimately convert to sugar in dogs and cats, which is not desirable.


Vitamins are essential to boost the immune system and keep the body healthy. They are required for healthy skin, bones, teeth and vision.


Minerals are good for the blood, bones and teeth. They are essential for healthy biological functions, maintaining correct blood pressure, for the nervous system and transporting oxygen through the body.


Fats provide energy and lower the risk of developing certain diseases and heart problems. Essential fatty acids (think Omega 3 and 6) are required by the body for good health, specifically for the metabolic processes. They are crucial to fight inflammations, affects moods and other cellular functions. They must be included in the diet because the body cannot produce them.