Peter from Lynfrae

Is Raw Love better than anything else? One of my dogs is a Golden Retriever who is besotted with biltong and raw fish, so when I bought my first tub of Raw Love I placed some biltong in the same bowl as the Raw Love to see which he would prefer. Well, he wolfed down the Raw Love before eating the biltong and did the same thing with the fish when I next fed him. This took me totally by surprise!

Besides the above fun ‘test’ the most important thing is that all my dogs are genuinely looking better and have more energy – and best of all, they are not scratching like they used to when they were fed pellets.

Oh, one other thing…. My Goldie now follows me out the house on his back legs when its food-time and I have a bowl of Raw Love in my hand. He’s never done that with pellets!!

Well done on a fantastic product.

October 2015