Melissa & Felix from Hout Bay

I just love the Raw Love food and also the Kefir. It’s amazing, it sorted out my Boston terrier Felix. He had stomach problems because he ate a bag of bone meal and then had to undergo surgery to have it removed and he was never really the same. There was major blockage in his intestines. His stomach was always runny. The vet said it would take time for his tummy to get back to normal, and after 3 months it was still very runny. Took him to the vet again and was advised to sticking with the Ostrich variant only and give a probiotic/the Kefir a try. After the first tablespoon and a week of the Ostrich variant, his tummy was sorted! It was more settled and his stool was firmer. Other expensive dog pellets specific to this situation just made no difference. Felix is healthy and busy and thanks Raw Love for your wonderful products!

Melissa & Felix

June 2022