Lindsay from Plumstead

bizzy the cat


Bizzy joined our family as a sighted Seal Point Siamese kitten at the age of 12 weeks. Around his 2nd birthday a cat eye specialist confirmed that he was born with a degenerative disorder of the retina called PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy), and had gone completely blind. Not much is known about PRA in cats and dogs in South Africa, nor world wide, and we decided to take action to create awareness through social media campaigns. Kittens with PRA, sadly, will be blind before the age of 5 years. Our aim is to share this fact with everyone and hopefully breeders will start testing their cats before breeding with them.

Having no sight Bizzy relies heavily on all his other senses. His best sense, in our opinion, is his smell. We have a favourite saying in the home that for Bizzy “the nose knows” because we see Bizzy using his nose to do normal everyday cat things and to navigate the house. He sniffs loudly like a dog and when he finds something he really likes he adds purrs to the sniffs. This is what happened when we introduced him to food from Raw Love Pets. His nose knew the Raw Love food was good before he tasted it, because his nose went on at his first serving with purrs. For us it was a purrfect stamp of approval that we were giving Bizzy quality food, and tasty too. Thank you Raw Love Pets for donating food – it’s a hit!

Lindsay & Bizzy.

April 2017

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