Is it safe to give my dog bones?

For bones to be safe, you as pet parent have a responsibility to (a) know whether a bone is edible or not and (b) how your dog behaves when given a bone. Incorrectly fed bones can be dangerous and can cause problems, severe in some cases: from fractured teeth, esophageal or intestinal obstruction, to vomiting and constipation.

The type of bone you give your dog matters an awful lot. Choose the right bone and you’ve given your dog an afternoon of fun activity. Choose the wrong bone and your dog could end up in the emergency room. NEVER FEED COOKED, BRAAI-ED OR SMOKED BONES.

We believe that raw, meaty bones play an important role in providing our dogs with balanced nutrition, mental stimulation and pure joy. It is, however, very important that you inform yourself as to the rules around feeding raw bones, and which bones are suitable/unsuitable. We wrote a blog on this which we highly recommend you read before feeding your dogs any bones – here’s the link.