How much raw food do I feed my dog?

How much to feed per day is not an exact science – not for us and not for our animals. Many factors can impact on the amount such as age, weight, activity level, gender, etc.

As a general feeding guideline, adult dogs can be fed between 1 – 3% of their body weight per day. Large breeds require a lower percentage of their body weight per day than smaller breeds. More active dogs will need more food.

Puppies require more frequent feeding and a higher ratio of food per body weight – anywhere between 4 – 10% of body weight, depending on age. Pregnant females will need smaller, more frequent feedings after 5 weeks gestation.

The table below is a useful guide to get you started. Continue to monitor your dog’s condition and demeanour and adjust portion size up or down accordingly.

Tiny 3kg – 6.5kg 100g – 300g per day
Small 7kg – 11kg 300g – 400g per day
Medium 12kg – 25kg 400g – 600g per day
Large 25kg – 45kg 600g – 1 kg per day
Very Large > 45kg 1kg – 1.5kg per day
Puppies / kittens 4 – 10% of their body weight
Cats 2 – 4% of their body weight