How do I introduce my cat to raw food?

Some cats take to raw cat food very easily, especially kittens or younger cats. Others are notoriously difficult and will require endless patience and persistence. Especially if they’re older and set in their eating habits/ways.

The first step in making the transition from kibble to raw, is to close down the 24/7 dry food buffet and get your cat used to meals / meal-times.

Try mixing wet food he/she likes e.g. a teaspoon of tuna in brine, or a sachet of a high-end brand, with a bit of the raw food. Do not mix the wet food with the dry kibble. Once your cat is eating the raw mix consistently, remove the kibble completely.

When feeding only raw, offer the food and if not consumed in half an hour, remove, refrigerate and offer again at the next meal-time. Unlike dogs who will eat all manner of decaying foods, cats prefer fresh food. If your cat did not eat breakfast, try to offer the same plate at dinner. But if they pull up their nose you’ll need to dish up fresh food from the tub kept in the refrigerator.

Here is a link to an article Margaret Gates (founder of Feline Nutrition Foundation) wrote on how to transition your cat – we have found this very helpful.