Dan from Woodstock

dan finn the dog

Dan & Finn

I just wanted to send you a mail saying how awesome your product is. I’ve been feeding my dog, Finn, Raw Love since he was about 12 to 16 weeks old and he’s super healthy. Everybody always comments on the fact that he doesn’t smell like a dog and how great his coat is. But I notice way more than that – great teeth, healthy energy levels, healthy bowl movements, good sleeping patterns and all round happy guy. I can say this because when I forget to re-stock and feed him other products, even other raw foods, he’s not quite the same.

So basically I just wanted to send you guys a positive mail saying thanks. I want to also mention that Shané has been a big help to me too, always available for me to ask questions, ready with answers and advice – she’s been amazing. So props to her too.

Thanks guys.

Dan and Finn

January 2017