Charissa from Cape Town


                                                Kyle aged 15

Just a short note to thank you and Raw Love for all the support you have shown me over the years. All the info you sent me and all the long phone calls whilst you listened to all my questions and explained everything.

I am even more grateful as I firmly believe, that as dramatic as this sounds, Raw Love and the raw diet saved my cats life. Kyle is 15 years old. He was diagnosed with Kidney disease last year in Oct 2018.

The blood results were not good. The Vet put him immediately on a KD diet. Kyle was doing very poorly, his weight dropped from 7Kgs to 2.8Kgs. I was told to that the KD diet has high protein and low phosphorous, which is true, however, it is also has plant protein which, for carnivores is not species appropriate.

Kyle was constantly constipated, vomiting, needed Laxatives every day and an appetite stimulant to eat. He sat hunched over in a crouched position daily, listless and no energy. He was slowing dying. I remembered how well he did on the Raw Love diet, and did some research thanks to Ilse and the KD Facebook page, which discusses other cats and how well they do with KD on a raw diet.

Well, I started feeding Kyle the ostrich and chicken and he took to it immediately, his eyes became more bright, he had more energy, no more constipation, no more appetite stimulants and he picked up weight.

The best news came yesterday when Kyle went to the vet for his SDMA blood results and his level is NORMAL, it went from 21 to 14! That’s only in the last month since I have been feeding him raw again.

The vet asked me “what did you do?” – I said “Doctor you don’t want to know, I did everything you told me NOT to do!” My lovely vet was really so kind and empathetic and said, “Well whatever you’re doing, please keep doing it”.

I’m feeding raw, and wet food, giving Omega 3 and probiotics and my boy is thriving. No Sub fluids needed as he is getting enough moisture.

Each case of kidney disease is different and should be viewed in that light. It’s an awful disease, but I’m fighting it with everything I have.

Thank you Raw Love!

Charissa and Kyle

Cape Town

May 2019