Candice from Cape Town

Over the last 2 years, we have rescued 3 puppies from shelters and for the first few weeks, we fed them pellets. As a type-A fur baby mom, I did SO much research into what food and snacks would be best but there was just SO much information out there.

So I decided to see if there were actual changes in my dogs, if I fed them raw food rather than pellets. After a day, yes ONE DAY on Raw Love Pets meals, my puppies where less manic, no scratching and not drinking 1000 liters of water after every meal. Then after a time, their coats got thicker and glossy, more so than I had ever seen with any other fur baby in my life. 

We even wanted to see if we were being biased, and ended up giving them pellets for one week when we couldn’t get to the shops and I am not lying when I say within minutes, they were scratching and running around as if someone had just fed them 10 Red Bulls. Crazy stuff.

Needless to say, once you go Raw you really will never go back. Because if I’m investing in my own health at the level I am, then my fur babies deserve the exact same.

Candice, Vader & Honey

Cape Town, April 2020