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It’s all about Raw Love! 


I’ve always been passionate about animals and since a young age wanted to somehow make a difference in their lives.

When one of my dogs nearly died from eating contaminated dry feed – a well-known, top end brand sold by a vet – I was determined to inform myself about an appropriate feeding regime for my pets. I grew up in rural South Africa and was raised on organic, free range meat, farm-grown vegetables and salads. It made sense to me that the principle “you are what you eat”, would apply to my pets too.

My research led me to Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst’s BARF diet, an approach that I immediately identified with.

With the switch to a raw, nutrient-dense diet consisting of actual meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs, I noticed a massive change in my pets after just a few weeks. My friends noticed too and so in 2009 Raw Love Pets was born. Since then we’ve been dedicated to making naturally delicious raw food for dogs and cats.

Helena Swart, Noordhoek

Ilse, Helena & Shané 

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