About Raw Love Pet Food

The Story of Raw Love founded by Helena Swart

Helena grew up in rural South Africa and was raised on organic, free range meat and farm-grown vegetables and salads. Her mother did not allow junk food, sweets or carbonated drinks in the house. Instead her and her siblings were given carrot and cucumber sticks in their lunch boxes, and to this day she doesn’t like fast food.

Helena has always been passionate about animals and since a young age wanted to somehow make a difference in their lives.

When one of her own dogs nearly died from eating contaminated dry food – a well-known, top end brand sold by vets – she started on her quest for information about an appropriate feeding regime. Based on her research, she soon came to the conclusion that the dry food we are so used to feeding our pets, premium brand or otherwise, can be likened to human fast food for dogs and cats, as the ingredients used are mostly maize, to which lots of flavouring, colourants and preservatives are added.

She started cooking for her dogs, but having grown up with her mother’s warnings about over-cooking, soon investigated using raw ingredients instead, drawing a logical conclusion that it would be so much more nutrient-dense. In this process she discovered the BARF diet (Biologically Appropriated Raw Food) developed by Australian veterinarian Ian Billinghurst – an approach that she immediately identified with.

With the switch to a raw diet consisting of actual meat, vegetables, fruit and herbs, she noticed a massive change in her pets after just a few weeks. Their coats were shiny, they were happy, their stools changed for the better and most importantly, no more stinky farting!

And her friends noticed too. Thus in 2009 Raw Love was born with Helena initially making food for the growing demand coming from friends, and friends of friends. Nine years later, after massive organic growth, the business has gone from strength to strength, primarily because of referrals and the amazing health changes people have seen. Many wonderful good news stories were reported of pets overcoming problems through this change of diet. Ailments including dry itchy skin, food allergies, stomach problems, obesity, diabetes, constipation, anal sac problems, urinary tract disease, and so on, have been eliminated or improved through a change in diet only.

Raw Love is a company that focuses on food-based remedies made from raw meat, vegetables and fruit that are biologically appropriate and filled with nutrients and living enzymes to break the food down and enable a solid immune system to be developed; which is the basis for any healthy pet or person.

All the Raw Love meal variants have been registered with the Department of Agriculture, something which attests to the high standard and quality of the products. Raw Love is based in Cape Town, but also supplies the greater Johannesburg region in Gauteng.