Is Raw Love “Complete & Balanced”?

Raw Love Pets meals have been registered as ‘complementary’ meals. We made a conscious decision to opt for complementary rather than complete meal status, because we question:

  • whether prescribed minimum daily requirements* provides “balance”; and
  • the notion that the same meal is ‘complete’ for each individual animal.

In our opinion these criteria are subjective at best.

Our doubts seem well founded given that prescribed values fluctuate between different controlling bodies (Act 36 in South Africa; AAFCO in the USA; Food Standard Agency in UK; PFIAA in Australia; etc.). More importantly, these values are based on feeding dehydrated, processed foods and therefore not relevant or applicable to real, uncooked food bursting with nutrients.

With complementary meal status, we are able/allowed to adapt our recipes to include seasonal items in the vegetable & fruit component as and when they are available. Should we have obtained complete meal status, we would not be allowed to make such changes thereby depriving our meals from offering as much variety as possible. With complementary meal status we are also not obliged to add chemical and artificial nutritional elements to reach predetermined levels. Elements such as lime (for calcium) which does not align with biologically appropriate feeding and optimum nutrient absorption.

For further reading we highly recommend this informative article on Raw Pet Food and AAFCO by Dr Amy Nesselrodt DVM.