Treating Hot Spots Naturally

If Your Pet Develops Hot Spots, You Need To Immediately Treat The Wound And Quickly Identify The Underlying Problem. Hotspots occur when a dog’s natural bacteria infects parts of its own skin. This infection is in most cases due to an underperforming immune system – they often develop very quickly and can be extremely painful and sensitive to touch. It’s also commonly found amongst dogs with thick coats, dirty or moist skin, dogs that suffer from allergies, or a reaction to bug and flea bites. How to treat a hot spot wound Start by removing the hair around the wound, it’s crucial...

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Are Bones Safe For Domestic Pets?

The trend toward holistic and raw feeding is flourishing, though there are still many myths and speculations around how safe it is to feed our dogs raw bones. Based on our research, it is our view that raw bones play a crucial role in the healthy diet of a dog, and even for cats. There is no simple way to prove this – in the end information and your own level of comfort is key. The best starting point is always your own pet: it is important to know your dog/cat and what works for them or not. Many dogs thrive...

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The scoop on poop

It’s a pretty “shitty” topic (mind my language) but it’s really important to monitor your dog’s poo -unless your dog speaks people, how else will you know something is up? Stools come in many different shapes, sizes, forms and smells but generally a healthy stool is moist, firm and compact with little or a slight smell. Deviations from this usual pattern may indicate an underlying health condition- however by knowing what to look out for you could one day save your best friends life! If you are feeding your dog dry kibble/pellet food, it’s typical to notice large, voluminous and...

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