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Hi Raw Food Lovers 

Welcome Back From Winter Hibernation

Here’s What We’ve Been Busy With

New Friends

We are thrilled to announce new additions to the Raw Love Pets family.

  • Garden’s Pet Clinic conveniently situated in the Cape Town city bowl – we ran a fun launch competition and enjoyed connecting and ‘talking BARF’ with many like-minded animal lovers.
  • Real Food Co in Somerset West – we are very excited to be part of this company’s offering, making REAL FOOD (read fresh, healthy and unprocessed) easily accessible, for humans and animals alike, all in alignment with everything we stand for.
  • Raw Food for Pets in Gauteng has done fantastic work to bring Raw Love to just about every corner of the province. We’re very happy to announce that Raw Love can now also be purchased online in Gauteng.

Let’s chat about TREATS


Nature’s probiotic with billions of beneficial bacteria and many valuable properties & nutrients.


We now offer convenient 250g & 500g packs of chicken necks for cats & small dogs.


Organic Venison Biltong, Droëwors & Chews – the perfect healthy treat & motivational training aid.





We are committed to providing you with only the best, and we are sadly no longer able to find consistent and good quality supply of the following 3 products. For the moment these are discontinued, but we are working on finding suitable alternative offerings.


Tuna Biltong Treats


Tuna Powder Treats


Beef Droewors Treats

You Need To Know …

Meat prices have risen significantly following last season’s drought. We have, however, decided to bear some of the cost and only impose an inflation related price increase. It’s been more than a year since our last increase and we continue to give our very best to provide you with excellent quality, species appropriate, grain free, real food.

We went to the trouble of doing a bit of research on current dry food prices and the results confirm, once again, that Raw Love Pets meals compare favourably and is NOT the most expensive as often perceived.

Looking at 4 top end brands sold at veterinary clinics & shops, we can tell you that

  • General / non-specialist kibble costs between R48 – R53 and R63 – R69 per kilogram
  • Breed specific / special formula kibble is priced at R61 – R78 per kilogram
  • Grain free kibble formula is priced at over R130 per kilogram

Comparing required feeding quantities, Raw Love is on a par with special formula kibble and comes in the same, or even slightly less, than the grain free kibble.

Would you not rather feed your pet real food?

Made with love & real, fresh, free-range meat & vegetables

No fillers – No grain – No preservatives!

Have you read our tips on Raw Feeding on a Budget yet?

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With Love,

The Raw Love Team