Venison Meal For Dogs

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70% organic free-range, raw venison meat including ˂10% minced bones; fermented vegetables & fruit – 0% grains

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The Raw Love Venison meal contains up to 70% fresh organic venison, max 30% fermented vegetables & fruit (including blueberries) and 0% grains. We add organic, freshly sprouted alfalfa, fenugreek and broccoli, as well as unfiltered apple cider vinegar, taurine, kelp, diatomaceous earth, rooibos and moringa – and a double dose of LOVE!

We don’t add any preservatives, colourants, fillers or sugars to our food.

See Product Ingredients for more information.

Nutritional ProfileVenison for Dogs
Venison for Dogs
Crude Protein (min)11.50%52.00%
Moisture (max)78.00%N/A
Crude Fat (min)3.00%14.00%
Crude Fibre (max)0.80%3.6%
Crude Ash (max)1.10%5.00%


In accordance with our registration regulations, Raw Love Pets meals only contain game and ostrich meat, from registered and regulated abattoirs. As such our suppliers’ meat plants are subject to and comply with regulations laid down by the South African Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and some are also subject to the regulations of the European Commission.


Live ostriches are brought to the abattoirs the day before slaughter, they are inspected by trained livestock handlers, abattoir management, and state veterinary personnel. Each ostrich has a passport with full traceability information. The following day the ostriches are slaughtered, and the carcasses are kept in a chiller overnight before de-boning.

It is possible to find foreign objects in ostrich meat, and happens occasionally, such as small pieces of fencing wire, thorns or sharp sticks. This is normally visually noted by the state meat inspectors, or the state veterinarian, or the abattoir and de-boning staff. Such foreign objects can migrate in the muscles while the ostrich is alive and leave visual trails and/or lesions. Should this be missed, the metal is likely to be picked up by the suppliers’ sophisticated metal detectors.

The chances of buckshot being found in ostrich meat, or the red offal (lungs, hearts, livers, gizzards) from a reputable high-throughput abattoir, which our suppliers are, is virtually impossible.


The different game species are hunted on approved game farms by qualified and registered professional hunting teams equipped with field abattoirs. Qualified meat inspectors and state veterinarians oversee the operations. Depending on the specie and method of harvesting, bullets or buckshot is used. A shotgun and therefore buckshot, is used on game when shot from a helicopter.

When the carcasses are off-loaded at our suppliers’ abattoirs, highly skilled personnel inspect each carcass and expert de-boners cut the meat under strict supervision. All game meat is passed through metal detectors which are calibrated, inspected and tested daily.


While our suppliers endeavour to ensure that only products of high quality are produced by their plants, they cannot guarantee 100% that all the game meat produced will be 100% free of buckshot. They can guarantee that they do take and maintain the necessary precautions to reduce the risks of metal objects in their products, within their capabilities.

Furthermore, they follow and even exceed regulated requirements in this regard.

We therefore advise that you take note that while it is extremely unlikely, the possibility exists that Raw Love Pets meals containing venison, could contain buckshot pellets.

Raw Love Holdings (PTY) LTD cannot be held responsible or liable for any damage or harm this may cause you and/or your pets.