The Raw Love Team

We are a home-based business and consist of a small team of people dedicated to the well-being of animals. Being registered with the Department of Agriculture means we need to comply with certain standards and are regularly inspected by the authorities to ensure that we uphold these standards.

The Raw Love Team

Following regulations we work with gloves, haircaps and sanitised equipment and cannot enter the production room without stepping through the disinfectant tray. We use cleaning & disinfecting products from a company who manufactures specifically for the food industry.

Norman, Maxwell, Alex, Pumzile, Velapi and Advance make up our core crew. They are responsible for washing and blending the vegetables; prepping & mincing the meat; and packaging the food in handy meal size tubs. They also have to prepare new tubs with labels; and wash and sanitise the recycled tubs. The Raw Love TeamPhillip is responsible for delivering the products to our clients and collecting all our supplies. When he’s not on the road, he helps out with whatever is needed in the factory.

Felister helps out part time with whatever is required, from washing tubs to labeling tubs to dishing up tubs – you name it!

Ilse joined Raw Love in July 2015 and is responsible for the daily running of the company.

Shané handles promotions, special / charity events and all our social media.

Together we make a great team and have an awesome work environment, which is a privilege to be part of.

We hope the RAW LOVE experience not only makes your animal companion happy and healthy, but also adds convenience and peace of mind to your life!